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Concrete Ceiling Grinder with dust collection attachment

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Shown with optional Dust Collection System (CG12E Only)

Self aligning, grinding head makes full surface contact easy to operate because it needs no adjustment.
Welded frame is fully adjustable and configurable to any ceiling grinding requirement.

Electric Model CG12E with 2 HP Baldor motor with thermal overload protection.

Gas Model CG12G with 3 HP Honda engine.


Concrete Ceiling Grinder - Model CG-12

  • Grinds ceilings 7 feet to 12 feet high.

  • Swivel adjustment allows grinding up to and along edge of the wall. 

  • Self aligning grinding head makes full surface contact easy to operate because it needs no adjustment.

  • Electric Model CG12E with 2 HP Baldor motor.

  • Gas Model CG12G with 3HP Honda engine.

Oztec introduces a dust collection attachment for its CG12 Ceiling Grinder. Fitted to the grinding head it provides a safer and more productive work environment. Fits all electric models of Oztec Ceiling Grinders. The Heavy Duty Vacuum is specifically designed for concrete grinding and maximum dust collection.


Other models available, please contact Oztec at: 1.516.883.8857 


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