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Pencil Concrete Vibrator Head by Oztec


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Click here for the selection chart to match the proper combination of power unit,  shaft and vibrator head.




Steel Heads

(also see "RubberHeadTM" page  and  Short Head Tilt-Up page)

Oztec Vibrator Heads produce the highest amplitude and centrifugal force, generating the largest radius of influence of any heads available. Energy is efficiently transferred from the motor, via the shaft, to the head, which is all eccentric (vibrating the entire head). Whether combined with one of Oztec's electric or gasoline powered motors and choice of flexible shafts?The results are exceptional!?Superior consolidation, increased productivity and a process more forgiving of less than perfect vibrating techniques. The benefits?? Lower cost?Higher earnings?Superior quality concrete!!

Steel Heads

Standard of the industry for use in most applications.


All dimensions shown are nominal, actual dimensions may vary. Call for details.

Pencil Head "For Fill-Cell Block"
Mild Vibration Pencil Head - High frequency, low amplitude. (For fill-cell block use; to prevent blowouts).

Call 1-800-533-9055 for technical information.

?" x 12" (pencil head-mild vibration)


Rubber Tips
Available for all Steel Heads. Rubber tips are factory installed on steel heads. To order, add the letters "RT" to the head part number.


Prevent Hang-ups in

Congested Rebar
With Oztec extension pieces, you can greatly reduce the chance of vibrator heads getting caught in the rebar. Oztec RubberHeads? or Steel heads have the option of being equipped with extension pieces.

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