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Oztec's Short RubberHeadTM ...Ideal for Tilt-Up Construction

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Oztec's patented "RubberHeadTM protects epoxy coated rebar


Epoxy Coated Rebar

Eliminates damage to epoxy coated rebar caused by a standard steel vibrator head


All dimensions shown are nominal, actual dimensions may vary.

Call for details.

(Click here for Head, Shaft and Power Unit selection chart)



Oztec's Short RubberHeadTM ...Ideal for Tilt-Up Construction

(also see "RubberHeadTM" page  and  Steel Head page)


Common problems

encountered with standard

vibrator heads for Tilt-Up


Oztec's patented "RubberHeadTM 

for Tilt-Up


a. Standard heads are not fully   

    submerged and can overheat 

 b. Standard heads used horizontally

    churn air back into the concrete 


Produces strong uniform shock waves the entire length of the head

Short Heads remain fully submerged - Prevents overheating

Vertical position sends out horizontal shock waves - Prevents churning

Urethane cover - Prevents damage to finished surfaces

Combine Oztec Short Heads with an Oztec Gas Backpack or

Oztec Electric Motor for perfect concrete consolidation on your next tilt-up project!

Oztec's "High Efficiency RubberHeadTM" Outperforms any other type of vibrator

Epoxy coated rebar presents a particularly troublesome problem. Steel heads act like an electric hammer, striking any rebar or forms they contact, over 10,000 times per minute, with a force from hundreds to over 2,000 pounds per blow. Contact with a steel vibrator head of as little as one second can chip enough coating to subject the steel to deep rust. Oztec's patented High Efficiency "RubberHeadTM" vibrator head not only meets DOT non-metal head specifications for protecting coated rebar and expensive forms, but exhibit some very special and unique properties. The High Efficiency "RubberHeadTM" urethane dimpled construction sends strong shock waves off the entire length of the head, with a larger radius of action, producing denser concrete with less voids to patch.

Oztec's patented "High Efficiency RubberHeadTM":

  • Will outperform any other type of vibrator?round, square, hi-cycle, etc?Any Type!
  • Will protect epoxy coated rebar and expensive forms.
  • Is outstanding in low slump (to "0" slump) concrete.
  • Essential in large pours of very stiff concrete. 
  • Makes concrete denser with less voids to patch.
  • Vibrates @ 12,000vpm, never drops below 10,500vpm when lowered deep into low slump concrete.
  • Provides Superior Action.
  • Is an absolute must for Architectural concrete where cosmetic surfaces are essential.
  • All Oztec vibrators meet or exceed ACI specification # 309

Why the Oztec "RubberHeadTM" outperforms any other type of Vibrator.
(a.) When a smooth vibrator head (round, square or any other shape) is lowered into a relatively stiff concrete batch, the front or nose of the vibrator drills a hole. It pushes away concrete faster than it can return. Result, shock waves produced mostly from the vibrator's front end.

(b.) Oztec's patented "RubberHeadTM" has a large number of openings which allow wet concrete to cool the inner shell. These openings act like "suction cups", which keeps concrete in contact with the entire length of the vibrator head, sending strong shock waves into the mass.

                   Oztec's patented uniform, high efficiency action.

    (a.) Smooth vibrator head (b.) Oztec's patented "RubberHeadTM"  
Prove it to yourself!
Before you purchase a high cycle system with expensive generators or controllers,    call:  800-533-9055 or visit our web site to arrange a demonstration on your job site.

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